Over The Rainbow

Danni Jayden Alexandre

I think of myself as a genderless individual, neither a guy or a girl. Just me and there's more to me than what meets the eye

I can honestly say I consider myself to be a happy person. I've made it a habit to always see the bright side to things, even if they don't work out the way you wanted them to. I believe everything happens for a reason and even though life is tough there is always a reason to smile. Life excites me, I am someone who gets excited when thinking of the future and all the possibilities it holds.

I believe in treating others the way you want to be treated.

Avid and constant lover of all things Disney. I am a HUGE Disney kid.

SELENA GOMEZ = future wifey.
MUSIC = my drug.

**Se habla espanol**

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"Cant Hold Us"
by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

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